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Works with QR and contactless (NFC) technologies.

Share and receive cards without using paper

No app required to share or receive

Works on iOS and Android

No extra hardware needed to receive the info, just your phone

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Taap Contactless card

Works with all Android and iOS phones that have NFC activated


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Recommended for iPhone XR/XS and above

Taap Contactless & QR code card

Works with all Android and iPhones that either have NFC activated or can read QR codes





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Taap Virtual QR code

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Recommended for all iPhone and Android phones

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Turn handshakes into meaningful connections.


Unleash the potential of digital business cards

You have a website with tons of links to products, inventory, social media, testimonials and a million other things. Why are you limiting the information you share to name, email, and phone number?


Impress your target clients

Investing a lot of money on events and marketing is worthless without converting new leads to sales.


Update. Do not rely on paper business cards

Your modern company deserves much more than just using outdated tools from the last century


Do not just wait for clients to come

Your business card is a much more powerful tool than just giving away 500 pieces of paper and then wait for leads to come

According to research, 9 out of10 business cards or flyers end up not used, lost or in the trash...

Engage with ALL of your target accounts, not just with 10% of them 

With paper business cards only 10% or less of your target accounts are reconnecting back


Upgrade your business with Taap digital business card

Easily create, update and share your digital business cards

Manage your contacts and export them to your CRM


How does Taap work?

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What you can share with Taap


Businesses use Taap to share their:

  • Contact information (to get more leads and sales)
  • Websites (to increase web traffic)
  • Forms (to share surveys for customer feedback)
  • Social media (to get followers and engagement)
  • Promotions and discounts
  • Payment links
  • Files; and
  • Any other information that is on the internet

What our customers say

“Taap is a highly effective business card for people seeking effectiveness on what they are doing and want to convey that.”

“Very easy to use and shares my contact information in seconds. The best part is the impact I make on the people I meet, they always follow up with me and talk about Taap as an ice-breaker.”

“At first I was reluctant on changing our paper business cards to some sort of tech I didn´t see before. But this has been a game changer, we increased our pool of leads and website traffic thanks to Taap.”

“This is brilliant! We spent so much time and money updating and printing business cards for our team, with Taap you update the info and share it in seconds!.”


Few examples of our success stories

  • For years, a large B2B chemical company attended multiple trade shows in order to get sales leads
  • They used to exchange paper business cards and then fill out a paper form after the conversation for the sales department to follow up afterwards
  • Lead information didn't flow directly to sales departments after the event. Even some business cards and paper notes got lost
  • Sales team complained about lead quality and the lack of lead information
  • Marketing team got frustrated because they put so much effort on trade shows but struggled to prove event ROI – given there was no track on all leads generated and their conversion to sales
  • Taap helped to digitalize their entire business card sharing, lead capturing and lead engagement process
    • (i) grabbed more attention and interest from leads
    • (ii) teams at the event where able to share all their info at once
    • (iii) follow up teams were able to instantly get lead contact info 
  • The result: Client increased lead acquisition by 70% vs. last year, which led to a 30% sales increase from leads they engaged on that event vs. last year
  • Segur Caixa Adelas, one of the largest Insurance and Financial Institutions in Europe, wanted to get more information of their customers to further understand them so that they can cross-sell them other products
  • They wanted to launch proximity marketing campaigns at their branches utilizing the large group of clients swinging by each branch every day
  • Poor engagement and traffic on the websites they built for that purpose
  • Little visibility on campaign analytics (e.g., number of clicks) making it hard to prove campaign ROI.
  • Overall, weak communication channels to execute the campaigns:
    • Written notes and static QR codes used to collect customer information
    • Paper business cards to share contact information with potential clients
  • Segur Caixa Adeslas added Taap contactless (NFC) and QR cards in 50+ branches throughout Spain
  • Landing page traffic increased vs. previous campaigns without Taap - it was easier to open the URL with a Taap, and some customers just wanted to see how this technology works
  • As a result, more customers submitted their information, thus, Segur Caixa Adeslas earned more leads eager to buy new products 
  • Taap analytics gave them the ability to see which branches, content and dates were driving most of the traffic, so that they can dedicate more resources on the top performing segments

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